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flowers, rocks, gold, and even bugs were used to make beautiful books. >> meet the people who make sure no teen gets priced out of the prom. >> while the movie "spider-man" may make you think more kindly of spiders, getting bitten by one is no fun. i'll tell you what you'll need to do. >> coming up, i'll show you the unusual way they celebrate the new year in the land of mozart -- vienna, austria. >> and there's lots more ahead, so stay with us. >> welcome to "tn kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's this week's top story. >> you might think of it as a healthy way to start the day, but you could be eating a bowl full of trouble. tyler has the disturbing truth about some of our favorite cereals. >> i think it's very nutritional. >> yeah, but it depends on what cereal. >> if you think your favorite cereal is healthy, here's a shock. it might be more than half sugar. and that's not sweet. >> it's been linked to obesity, diabetes. and when you eat tons and tons of it, you're obviously more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes or becoming more obese. >> that's why 84 popular cer
shootings -- several shootings, including 10 in the d.c. area. the case is unforgettable for those of us living in the area at the time. the evidence has been locked away for years and eventually, some will be on display at a new downtown museum opening in 2015. beth parker got a look. >> reporter: three weeks of terror. while some would rather forget about the shooting in a maryland suburb, they're working to keep the memory alive. >> this is the fairly well- known tarot card. >> reporter: that was left at the scene of the shooting at benjamin tasker school in prince georges county. >> for you, mr. police, code, call me god. don't release to the press. >> reporter: the handwriting connected lee malvo to multiple scenes. they online from the prince -- on loan from the prince william police department and it will be going to the museum going built -- that is gettingibility. >> for a museum, it's a big piece. >> they wearing gloves preserve the artifacts. we want to show you around the car a bit, as you may recall. the seat of the car lifts so that they were able to crawl into the trunk an
in the u.s. you can do this. >> the tigers, by state law, like tony here, can only be with the public until they are 40-pounds. >> and that's with a leash. state law says it's okay for big cats 25-pounds or less to be handled with only a trainer's restraint, but a trainer must be present. and all wildlife shall be exhibited in a manner that prevents injuries to the public and to the animals. but swimming with tony is not cheap. you sign a general release and for $200, you can frolic for 30 minutes in the water on the lawn, or even help out with his bottle feeding. >> tony is a growing boy. he will eat four of these a day. he's only at eight pounds right now, but he'll wind up like his dad, well over a thousand pounds. >> you can swim with a 4-foot gator here, too. >> man versus gator. >> it's just ally, really. >> ali the alligator. her mouth is taped up and you can join her in the pool with a trainer. >> we don't take it to other places. we use our swimming facility here. >> okay. we are just talking about how weird that one was, but different strokes for different folks, righ
statement. i can't use another -- and i'm sure mitt romney will refer to it. the mother of one of the people who died in benghazi said my son was not optimal and he's very dead. it's just -- really almost rivals the 47%. why the president would use that term, that cold heartless kind of expression and if he misspoke, it's a terrible misstatement, and i think it will haunt him and he'll have to make up for it or actually even apologize for the use of that word. there's no justification. terrible choice of words. >> we'll have to watch and see what happens tomorrow night. as always, mark plotkin thank you for your insight. i'm sure i'll be talking to you tomorrow and throughout the week. >> quite a bit. thank you, maureen. >> see you then. >>> early voting begins tomorrow in d.c. nearly a dozen city council candidates and incumbents spent the last evening before the polls opened vying for votes. audrey barnes has that story. >> thank you for coming. >> reporter: forum was hosted for ward 4. there was a common thread of questions the audience wanted answered. topping the list, how are some of t
direction ahead of a cold front which you can see in westvirginia. that will bring us a lot of clouds. it won't rain all day. we will have scattered showers around from time to time and the possibility of a thunderstorm. the best chance for that will be south and south and east of the city later this afternoon. here are the temperatures. reagan national 69 degrees. mid-60s at dulles. highs today back in the low 70s. 72 in washington with clouds and scattered showers back in the forecast. bring an umbrella. be ready for the possibility of showers later this morning and early this afternoon. more details on the forecast looking up from here as far as sunshine the middle of the week. back to you. >> all right, tucker, thank you very much. >>> new this morning, a devastating fire in prince william county where more than 80 storage units went up in flames. it happened overnight in manassas. investigators do not yet know the cause of the fire but they say most of the unites are heavily damaged or destroyed. >>> also new this morning, the search continues for two men from our area missing in
is extremely low pressure. if that is falling, that tells us the storm is getting stronger. >> so it could be worse than we expected? >> i'm not sure it is going to be worse but it is going to as bad as we expected. maximum winds now 85. you get the idea with that pressure falling, it is continuing to do its thing. there is your radar. that is a local look. want to mention that our rain, which has been light in places has become steadier here in the last couple of hours and will become heavy during the early- morning hours. notice the yellow starting to get across the bay. that is pushing off to the north and west. we have very heavy rain down towards cambridge, parts of southern maryland now getting in on the heavy rain. all of that is headed to the north and west. so the first part of this storm will be the rain. it will be picking up in intensity here and be extremely heavy during times for our monday. the wind which have been gusting to about 30 here in washington are going to steadily pick up as well. let's look at the bigger picture and take another look at the storm. there you go.
precarious for us to know when to bring staff. staff is on standby now. >> reporter: here are some things you can do as well to prepare for the storm. charge your cell phone. make sure you have a full tank of gas. and get an emergency kit ready. it should have batteries, flash lights, nonperishable food, prescriptions, as well as cash. around the region power companies are preparing for the hurricane as well, looking at the possibility that we could have millions of people without power. here in prince george's county, they also have tree crews on call to clear any downed trees along roads, and if hurricane irene from last year is any indication, this area could see widespread flooding and damage from trees. so everyone is urged to be ready. that's the latest here in forestville, back to you. >> sarah, thank you. >>> we want you to be sure to stay with fox 5 as we continue to track hurricane sandy. in addition to our weather app, you can also follow the storm's path on that's where you will find enhanced satellite images, interactive models, a live chat and more. >>> a wom
, that will reenergize as it gets up into the mid-atlantic. that is why we're concerned. time frame for us as the storm gets closer will be the second half of sunday, monday and tuesday. we'll be just fine today. we'll have no issues tomorrow. this will be the second half of sunday, monday and tuesday when things will start to fall apart. that will be gusty wind around here, likely locally very heavy rain as well. let's do some local forecasting as well. we're doing fine this morning. 63 at reagan national. our highs today will be about 70. we've got morning fog and there might be a little drizzle or a lone some shower in a spot or two during the day today as this fog will be slow to burn off. i think much of your day will just be kind of cloudy. and again, good news for your friday and saturday, relatively quiet. nice and quiet. we are not expecting a lot in the way of issues here for the start of your weekend. highs today, we'll go 71 here in washington and 69 in leonardtown a6 # # winning number in manassas and some -- and 69 the winning number in manassas. >> here is julie wright with the traffic.
imposed. >> fraud was one reason for the form. >> fox 5 disabled those who were using the red top to park free all day. the district followed up with an investigation. >> some able-bodied drivers have abused the current parking system but fraudulently displaying handicap cards as to not pay a fee. >> reporter: officials say there are over 160,000 people living in d.c. who are disabled and many more who travel into the city each day. >> our mission is to make sure we are national about accessibility and what other cities and states should be replicating is what we feel for the administration and it is the right thing to do. >> the red tops are not being enforced. those with disabled parking placards still park for free under the old policy. we are told the city has red top meters sitting in warehouses waiting to be installed and if the plan is put in action, they'll have to be more. >> matt acklund, thank you. >> new laws in the state of maryland, among them new regulations for car seats. children under the age of 18 need a seat until they are 4-9. and other requires all drivers to stop wh
fox news sunday is next. join us back tonight at 6:00 for the latest news and weather. have a great day. >> see you then. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email: >> chr: i'm s wallace, t sprint to election day begins with the final presidential debate. ♪ >> chris: as obama and romney face off one last time, on foreign policy, we'll have our own debate. on the terror strike in libya, the upheaval in syria, and, iran's nuclear ambitions. democratic senator dick durbin, versus republican lindsay graham. durbin and graham, only, on fox news sunday. then, it has been a rollercoaster ride in the polls. we'll talk numbers with the man in charge of gallup, the grand daddy of polling firms, editor-in-chief, frank you newport and we are down to the final 16 days of the campaign. we'll ask our sunday panel, what to expect, in the race to the finish line. and, from a tense debate, to laughs over dinner, it was quite a week on the trail. all, right now, on fox news sunday. ♪ >> chris: and, hello, again from fox news in washington. with just 16 d
. they ask maryland voter whether they share a ballot on that and he was supposed to join us yesterday morning to talk about the results. >> let's get to the numbers that came on the. the poll on gambling. >> right. >> came out this moring and let's look at the numbers on the screen and what are your thoughts on about this and where the state stand now on gambling in. >> it's a statistical dead hot. among lightly voters have the nose -- and the margin of error and it's a dead heat among registered voters and this is looks like it's going to go to the wire and this would add table games like craps and roulette and black jack in addition to the video slots and gave they have, and that isals a sixth casino in prince georges county and to the five authorized. what is interesting interest the -- about the results is four years ago, the state voted to have gambling in the first place and it passed overwhelmingly with 58% of the vote that that is the question. some people think there are a number of factors and some are disgusted with all of the ads. i think that some feel the mean hasn't go
tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour, happy you're with us on this tuesday morning. >> it really is something of the him here in the studio. he's one of the people that i never would have ever thought i'd have to chance the meet. and to have him sit down with us is amazing. >> i would agree with that. >>> in the meantime tucker barnes he's in the weather center now. keeping an eye on all things weather related. hey tucker. >> hey tony good morning everybody. weave cleared out over-- we've cleared out overnight and should be a nice and bright afternoon for you. lots of sunshine expected with dry expert witness just a little bit on the -- conditions just a little bit on the cool side with highs in the low 60s. the satellite and radar and there you go. quite conditions across the area. the cold front from last night pushed to the east and generally looking at clear conditions across the region. should be a mostly sunny day today. just kind of typically nice for the middle of october. temperatures close to daytime averages later today with as mentioned highs back in the
the corner from where the video was shot in hopes to fine someone who can put us in touch with patrick moran. no one knew how to reach him and a spokesperson didn't return phone or e-mail messages. from there, we went to his shirlington apartment and where none answered the door. the next stop is the campaign headquarters on north washington street in alexandrea, where the only thing we found was a locked door. the congressman's pyrotechnic was not returning calls -- press secretary was not returning calls or e-mail. we were told the congressman was not in and that no one could talk to us. this afternoon, the arlington gop chairman, his name is charles hawkinson, called for jim moran to resign. i'm going to bring in a democratic activist. i'm sorry, strategist and a slip of the tongue there. this doesn't look good, does it? >> and today they trying to get the facts to figure out what is happening. sure, they want to be careful with what they say. >> how damaging is this? >> and this is hard to say. he resigned which, i think is appropriate and arlington is a democratic area. i think he will
you for joining us. it is campaign crunch time for the candidates as they continue to target swing states. a busy day today on the trail. tom fitzgerald is monitoring their every stop. >> from flow flow florida to wisconsin and ohio, the candidates were on big complain blitz today. we'll start within the last hour, this is the president making history here becoming the first u.s. sitting u.s. president to vote early. the president cast his ballot in chicago not far from where he used to live. >> i just wanted to bring by some krispy cremes. >> reporter: we'll start in florida where he brought breakfast for a firehouse and then heading to richmond, virginia. >> i was proud and humbled to learn that we have colin powell supporting the campaign. i'm grateful to him for his lifetime of service to his country both as a soldier and diplomat. and then we head over cincinnati, ohio. >> obama campaign doesn't have a plan. it's slipping because he's talking about smaller and smaller things despite the fact that the america has huge challenges and that this is such an opportunity for america.
with and you lose this concept of due process. that is something that should worry all of us. >> reporter: for 10 victims, eight of whom are known and testified at trial, the virtual life sentence brings a measure of closure and justice. >> they're relieved that there -- jerry's going to prison the rest of his life and can't harm anymore children. >> the judge said to the victims directly looking down at them that he admired their courage for coming forward and shouldn't see themselves as victims but as people who had the courage to come forward. >> reporter: f jurors who convicted him, two were on hand for the sentenceing, a small measure of pride for having done their duty. >> we did what we had to do and made the right decision. he's put away and children in this area are safe. it's all good, you know. >> you feel good about your role in this? >> yes. >> reporter: coming up at the bottom of the hour, we'll take you live to pennsylvania for more insight into the sentenceing today and that is coming your way at 5:30. >>> another big story. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown has an
and he'll perform for us live, donovan. ♪ >> that's amazing. >> sounds so sweet, doesn't it? >> that's great. >> exciting. >>> we want to check in on our weather conditions. sounds like a good day ahead. tucker barnes has that from the fox 5 weather center. >> should be close to perfect out there later this afternoon. lots of sunshine. you've been seeing them in our live shots this morning. low 80s. but without a lot of humidity. noticebly more comfortable than the last couple of days we've had around here. current conditions, there's your radar. let me mention, we have clear skies. little bit of cloudiness to our south and east. next cold front, which is off to the north and west, towards cleveland and detroit, that will become a major player in our weekend forecast. i'll have more coming up. let's worry about our friday, first. currently 68 degrees. dulles 61 degrees. and 67 at bwi marshall. forecast today, enjoy. highs in the low 80s. low humidity, plenty of sunshine. we'll go 81 in washington. and 80 in leonardtown. close to perfect for today. details on the weekend. cool down by
outside at the u.s. capitol dome. >> -- all eyes on on the vice presidential debate. >> happy thursday. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm tony perkins in for sarah simmons this morning. turn is here with the good word on what we can expect today as far as our weather. >> i'm wearing the red and blue. >> i got on purple. >> i don't know. >> there is always tomorrow to get it right. >> hopefully, there is tomorrow. >> all right. let's get to weather. it will be cool if you are heading to the game this afternoon. if you are working out in the yard, that kind of thing, cool as well. generally in the 40s. it has just fallen into the 40s here in the city. there is a live look at your satellite picture. most of the cloud cover is well to our north and to northern new england, upstate new yo. we are looking at fine conditionsen unlike yesterday, -- looking at fine conditions unlike yesterday. reagan national, right now at 49 degrees. 45 at dulles. bwi marshall, 46 degrees. here is your forecast for today. again, temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we'll go 62 here in town. but notice mos
disagreed on foreign policy. expect that to reignite tonight, particularly on the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, afghanistan, iran's nuclear ambitions and the rise of china, the economy is expected to surpass the u.s. in the next decade. >> he will project standing with the allies like israel, it's not overruling generals and having to politicize the withdrawal schedule -- those types of things that mitt romney and president obama -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: hours before, the obama campaign highlighted the foreign policy successes. >> i think president obama should be resolute and repeatedly as he has before, that he is a commander in chief, that he is a president who has restored america's diplomatic reputation and our ties and relationships around the world. >> reporter: there will be six 15-minute segments this evening and no opening statements. back to you. >> craig bosswell, thank you. >>> early voting starts today in d.c. expect to receive a voter guide in the mail some time soon. to vote g to one judiciary square on fourth street in northwest between 8:30 in
points. we want to hear from you. use the hash tag fox 5 d.c. you decide to the two your thoughts and we'll be using them for the new show we're doing as election day approaches. fox 5 news edge you decide 2012 will focus on local and national candidates and issues during the final two weeks of the campaign that starts monday night at 6:30 p.m. on fox 5. >>> and tougher gun has could be an issue for the -- gun laws could be an issue for the next president. the number of federally licensed retail gun dealers is on the rise. ahead of president obama's 2008 win, fears of a democratic president issuing stricter gun control led to an initial spike in sales. at the time, the dealers saw some of the highest profit margins. antigun rights advocates say lobbyists are trying to make voters handle they're running out of time to have the right to bear arms. >> the fact that he had done nothing to take away people's guns in his first term and that is evident why he's going to do that in the second term. >> won't to make sure we have it taken care of before they pull the plug on it. >> and the federal
at your forecast. stay with us.  i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. christie: i i do the laundry, i pay the bills,  i make sure my kids are fed and rested and healthy. female vo: moms like christie would be stretched even more under mitt romney. to fund his tax cuts for millionaires, romney could take away middle class deductions for child care, home mortgages, and college tuition. christie: mitt romney, he's so focused on big business and tax cuts for the wealthy... it seems like his answers to middle-class america are just...tough...tough luck. [ mitt romney ] there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what... who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it... and they will vote for this president no matter what... and so my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for
. google is going whole hog and while they wouldn't give us a time line, the chief tech guy running the car project says he believes that google's cars on the road in california are already safe are than cars being driven by human beings. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >>> welcome back on this wednesday. we are getting halfway through the workweek, close, we still have wednesday to get through but we're almost there. taking a live look at reagan national airport. temperatures are actually fairly warm for this time of year. at least this time. day. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. time now to talk about those temperatures. >> tucker barnes. >> it is very pleasant out. upper 50s, low 60s. that is not typical for this time year. probably don't need to tell you that. another warm day. about 80 this afternoon. >> we are not complaining. >> but around the corner -- >> is that a tease? >> you see how he set that up. >> you'll be complaining by early next week. there is your radar. there are one or two sprinkles west of winchester in the mountains ou
companies who had leases on public lands that they were not using. what we said was you can't sit on this for 10, 20, 30 years, decide when you want to drill or when you want to produce, when it's most profitable for you. these are public lands. if you want to drill on public lands, you use it or you lose it. >> okay. >> and what we did is take away the leases and we're now reletting them so we request can make a profit. >> and production on government land is up. >> it's down. >> no, it's not. >> it's down 49%. and production, again, is down 9%. >> that is just not true. >> it's absolutely true. look, there is no question but the people recognize we have not produced -- >> i'll give you time. go ahead. >> more gas on federal lands and in federal waters. >> the audience at hofstra university in new york was filled with uncommitted voters who came to get answers from president obama and governor romney. joining us now is ron deeton. he is a professor political science and american government at prince georges community college where he is taught for -- he has taught for 25 years a
to mislead us? that's wrong. but ban all abortions? only...if you vote for him. ♪ >>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> the new apple products get a -- and this one was no different. unveiled its new i-pad mini today. takes us to the new announcement to give os closer look. >> this is i-pad mini. >> apple vice presidentof worldwide marketing made the announcement today in san jose. starting at $329 the new i-pad mini is 23% thinner and 53% lighter. as thin as a pencil and light as a pad of paper. >> it's great for surfing the web, sharing with friends and family. >> with the success of the kindle fire and other smaller tablets, the president of -- group says he may have felt the pressure. >> the 7-inch tablets have been selling well. a lot of us thought the 7-inch tablets were going to be a betweener product but it is easier to carry. >> the announcement comes on the heels of the new i-phone 5 release featuring a new screen. apple has sold more than 1 million i-pads. the new version is 7-point -- ceo tim cook says it's been an amazing year for apple. >> it has been an incredible year. wit
a good season, up. i respect that and i still think strauss bug should have pitched a game for us, though. >> it was a natidue. but the it. teams didn't. >> i heard a couple of boos but to number this position is fantastic. this team deserves everything. i hope it turns earn. >> and hopefully tomorrow they will come back. >> and, you know, the first game here, home game and post season. i wish it was a different outcome. >> what happened to the natit, de? >> i'm still here. >> i'm disappointed. >> and this is my first game. >> the natitud ivanished. >> it's done. >> and maybe something comes through. >> and everyone coming in the ball park got a towel and everyone was trying them out and seeing how they worked. i talked to a number and talked about how they would look as they twirled them around and there was fun in the park. >> 79 years since play-off baseball has been in this town. we saw people leaving the stadium. >> yeah. >> in the sixth inning and there were grumbling of fans. >> there was. >> and people, there were accusations that councilman jack evans left in the seventh inning
with this. >> fafis is from bangladesh. the father said his son went to the u.s. to study business in college. now, some lawmakers are saying it was just too easy for him to get a student visa. nafis is charged with attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction and at the same timing to provide material to al qaeda. >>> the trial of two prince georges county police officers accused of assaulting a university of maryland student during an offcampus civil disturbance nearly ended in a mistrial today? paul wagner is live outside of the courthouse in upper marlboro. this is a twistna thano one expected, right? >> reporter: no -- a twist that no one expected, right? >> reporter: no, will. none of this, none of what i am about to tell you was said in open court or on the record, and the jury knows nothing about this. this is what we understand from a law enforcement source happened after lunch today. there were a number of meetings between the prosecution, the defense, and the judge. the reason being, a local reporter decided to look into the background of judge beverly woodard and dis
during tonight's debate and we'll use some of the tweets for a new show we're debuting as election day approaches. fox 5 news edge you decide 2012 will focus on local and national candidates and issues during the final two weeks of the campaign. starts next monday here on fox 5. and. >>> the breakdown of security at the u.s. consulate in libya. four americans, including the u.s. ambassador were killed in what is being called a terrorist attack. secretary of state hillary clinton said she's responsible, not the president, for providing adequate security at all u.s. diplomatic missions. >> i'm responsible for the state department, for the more than 60,000 people around the world and the decision is made by security professionals. >> she's taking the blame to take the heat off of her boss president obama in the closing days of the election. clinton said the attack is still under investigation. >>> and developing news from britain, the police questioned two men who tried to visit the pakistani teenager in the hospital. she's recovering from the gun shot wound in the head. the taliban admit
. the moderator is candie crowley, of cnn, the first woman in 20 years to moderate a debate. she's warned us to be quiet. now, candie crowley. >> good evening from hofstra university. i am candie crowley from cnn's state of the union. the gallup orgn anization chose 85 unaffiliated voters. the questions are knwoown to me and my team only. i hope to get to as many questions as possible. and because i am optimistic, i hope the candidates will keep their answers on point. they have two minutes and a two- minute follow-up. no cheering or booing or outbursts. we set that aside just this once to welcome president barack obama and governor mitt romney. [applause] [applause] [applause] >> gentlemen, thank you y bot fr joining us.w . we have a lot of folks who want to talk to you. governor romney, you won the coin toss. the first question goes to you. we go to a first-time voter, jeremy epstein. >> as a 20-year old college student i,a all i hear is there is little chance of employment when i graduate. what would you tell my parents about how i can support myself when i graduate. >> thank you for bein
. happy you're with us. before we get to gwen and also julie, traffic and weather, we have big heads up for the rail commuters, especially if you're trying to go north beyond baltimore. amtrak service between washington and wilmington is suspended because of power lines on the tracks in northeast maryland. >> that means no trains going to philadelphia and new york for now. northeast region trains coming philadelphia. there's no timetable now on repairs. stay in touch with amtrak if you have travel plans today. mark train service is also impacted north of martin airport. that is a headache for a lot of people who head northeast. some people on a daily basis. >> right. >> there you go. >>> in the meantime, we say hi to gwen. good morning. >> good morning. you're right, little cool start again today, like we had yesterday. temperatures will be slightly warmer today. it's just all on the trend towards a nice warmup as we move through into the rest of the week. >> good. >> not all bad. here's our live radar, where we've seen a few rain showers into the course of this morning, a little bit of
competition today. >> in "speak of the week," teens tell us about their dream... vacation. >> we'll show you some kids making a difference while getting their hands dirty. >> hey, everyone. it's gabrielle douglas here, two-time olympic gold medalist, and you're watching "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's this week's top story. >> it's a behavior that's illegal in the workplace, but a new study finds it's shockingly common in school. it's called sexual harassment, and as carina reports, it's all around us. >> when somebody tries to touch somebody in a sexual way. >> when someone is trying to force you to do sexual stuff. >> physically touched in areas you don't want to be touched. >> i think sexual harassment is anything that can make a girl or a guy feel uncomfortable on any level -- if someone's touching them or even inappropriate comments. >> she's right. simply put, sexual harassment is teasing or touching in a way that makes someone feel uncomfortable. >> i look at sexual harassment as a kind of bullying. verbal harassment can be calli
on fox 5 beginning at 9:00. we want to hear from you as the presidential candidates square off. use the hash tax fox 5 d.c. you decide to tweet your thoughts during tonight's debate. we will be using some of your tweets for i new show we are putting on as election day approaches. fox 5 news edge you doe side 2012 will focus on the issues during the final two week of the campaign. it starts next monday at 6:30:00 p.m. here on fox 5. >>> vice presidential candidate paul ryan campaigning in virginia later on this morning. he is attending a campaign rally in lynchburg. tomorrow, mitt romney visits the commonwealth campaigning in chesapeake, virginia. >>> today, member of the d.c. council are expected to announce recommendations to lower those speeding ticket fines in the district. right now, fines vary depending on the number of miles over the speed limit you are going and they can be as much as $250. fox 5's karen gray houston joins us now. >> reporter: good morning. these steep fines have become shall we say an irritant for d.c. motorist whose think they seem more like revenue enhance
of a breeze here out of the north and west. that will be with us for i agood portion of the day. that will lock in the cool for the day. high temperature in the mid- 60s. we'll show you the regional temperatures. 35 in columbus. 44 in detroit. i think we will cool down into the low 40s later tonight and early tomorrow morning but lots of sunshine, should be a beautiful looking day. it will be a little breezy at times an a little cool with highs in the mid-60s. 64 in leonardtown. and let's see 62 in hagerstown for an afternoon high. >> all right. just loving those temperatures. they'll look great. >> nice time of year. >> time now to talk to julie wright. she has our on-time traffic. hello. >> hey, wisdom. all right, you guys. traveling along eastbound 66, this is where we find the crew in sky fox, not too windy for the boys today. good morning, jeremy. traveling eastbound along 66 headed eastbound from manassas headed in towards centreville. you will find a stretch of slow traffic leaving fair oaks headed eastbound towards 123. liz, do we have the shot from sky fox. we have heav
series is crucial. it's a short series and for us to put them with their backs up against the wall, they have to win tomorrow. would be nice for us to win. we want to win every game, obviously. start two games on the road like that, you have to split. you can't lose both on the road. >> we were trying to compete, trying to stay hungry and keep fighting. i think all said and done, we're excited. after all is said and done, go out tomorrow and try to win again. >> we feel good. you have to come in here and got to get one game before we head back home. to get the first one is a bonus. we got a chance at tomorrow, and we got jordan going, been great all year. we feel pretty good about things now, for sure. >> reporter: jason werth referencing jordan, jordan zimmerman, he gets the start tomorrow. 12-8# during the regular season. three big moments define this game. the werth homerun, matthews had a clutch performance in the 7th inning, getting out of a bases loaded no out situation, and tyler moore with the two rbi single in the 8th. they have a chance to close it out wednesday. >> thank
debate. nicole collins is live on capitol hill to tell us more about what happened last night. good morning to you, nicole. >>reporter: good morning, allison and tony. last night's debate was not full of zingers as it was expected to be. all of the attacks were squarely focused on policy. the candidates were cordial, but mitt romney's aggressive approach appeared to put president obama on defense. >> going forward with the status quo is not going to cut it for the american people who are struggling today. >>reporter: when i -- >> when i walked into the oval office, i had more than a trillion dollar deficit greeting me and we know where it came from. >>reporter: the debate, held at the university of denver was respectful and devoid of any major entertaining moments. it focused on tense domestic issues like taxes, social security and medicare and the role of the federal government. the president said romney's ideas are not specific enough. >> his running mate, congressman ryan put forward a budget that reflects many of the principles that governor romney has talked about, and it wa
. >>> thanks for staying up with us. i'm lindsay murphy. coming up, dave ross has a redskins report from the big apple plus the tigers away for the world series opponent. first, it's college football saturday. the maryland football team is not going catch breaking at the quarterback position. danny o'brien, the 2010acc rookie-of-the-year transferred in the offseason. brown, who took o'brien's place, didn't get to take a snap this year after tearing his acl in the preseason and more bad news for his replacement. the freshman quarterback perry hill is hoping to make it 3-0 in acc play today and however, his day would end early. the terms trail by 7. intercepted by david amerson. he tries to make the tackel and is blocked in the back and taken down. another look, the left knee buckles. the coach said the injury doesn't look good. more on his injury after an mri. the final secs, he is up, completes the pass and tonight, 33 yards and is down to the wolfpack's 14 all. six minutes year ago, he can win it from 33 yards out and no good. maryland endures a tough 20-18 loss to nc state on home
have let them in to search. they didn't have to use a battering ram. >> reporter: police won't name suspects or shea they found but tell us the judge issued the search warrant for probable cause. >> i think that they have a misconstrued the whole situation. >> reporter: the search was for debit and credit cards and other items that had been stolen. >> i've never stolen a credit camp. >> reporter: have you ever been a member of l.a. fitness? >> never been there. >> reporter: on september 27th mrs. staley went to the toys r us to buy legos for her nephew. >> clerk said are you a reward member? i said yes, my husband is. he said i can look you up by your phone number. >> reporter: she rattled off her phone number. now she thinks the customer behind her might have had a stolen credit card to buy a playstation and used her overheard rewards number which allows you to get a discount. i'm a guy with a credit card that i stole. why do i want a discount? >> right. ght. well, it's not. it's to link the transaction to someone else. >> reporter: she says to throw the cops off the trail. th
in hope of getting your vote. our coverage starts right now. thanks for joining us tonight for this news edge special, you decide 2012. i'm brian baller. the candidates have fanned around key battleground states. >> reporter: a busy day, all four candidates on both tickets were back out on that campaign trail this afternoon. on the democratic side, president obama and vice president biden split up, heading to two key battleground states while mitt romney and paul ryan worked together to lock up votes out west. ♪ >> reporter: we begin in del ray beach, florida, after spending the night in the sunshine state. the president appear at a rally describing mitt romney's proposals as being in a time warp. >> part of the reason i think it's hard for governor romney to do is, you know, his jobs plan doesn't really create jobs. his deficit plan doesn't reduce the deficit. it as to it. his foreign policy is from the 1980s. his social policy is from the 1950s. >> reporter: mitt romney, meanwhile, headed west out to henderson, nevada, for a postdebate rally. romney said president obama has no
buildings there. people are still trying to deal with this as the storm is still around but north of us. >> the worst is over by far here. things are winding down. still some rain showers out there this morning. locally, we are still getting some rain but the very gusty wind are a thing of the past. so that is good news. let's get to the hd radar. let me show you the rain showers that continue for fall across the area. you can see there that we've got some rain owers that have reappeared here in the past hour off to the west and to the north. so could be a scattered shower in your forecast to start your day. but the trend will be i think just generally cloudy this afternoon with lighter winds and some cool temperatures. highs only expected to be in the mid-50s later today. the good news, i know we got trick or treaters. late this afternoon, maybe a little sunshine. and just kind of cool with temperatures falling back into the 40s here by dusk. temperature right now at reagan national, 43 degrees. 43 in leonardtown. 39 out in win chester. it is definitely chilly out there in gaithersburg
us on 9/11 and we have and bin laden is dead. >> reporter: the change comes as both candidates prepare for the last debate next week, where the focus will be on foreign policy. mitt romney hoping to chip away at an issue that most polls show favors the president. >> i look at what's happening throughout the middle east and pakistan, and i look around north africa. and the world continues to be dangerous. >> reporter: this as the campaign continues to argue about the terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi last month and what role al- qaida may have played there. >> we know there have been at least a dozen plots targeting new york city after nine. a lot of those are lone wolves. does this suspect have contact with al-qaida? >> reporter: he had contact with them in january. prosecutors say he was influenced by anwar al-awlaki and wanted to become a martyr. but the complaint itself doesn't say he had training or actual direction from the terrorist group. >> melanie alnwick reporting from the newsroom. thank you. >>> now, new this morning, from the middle east, suspected
morning, i'm tony parkins. >> i'm allison see mere and happy you're with us on this hump day, wednesday. >> yeah. >> and let's go to tucker barnes. >> good morning, everybody. and that is a cool start and we got about 20 minutes to sunrise and, once that happens, we should so plenty of good sun and topping off near 70s. something to look forward to and some clouds streaming through earliy this morning and the trend is to keep things nice and dry out here. we're expecting mostly sunny conditions as the high pressure continues to ctrol the mid- atlantic weather here for another day and a half or so. temperatures are quite cool, reagan national has reached 50 degrees. at dulles, though, check it out. 38 degrees and much of the area here to the west and north of the city is currently running in the 30s. kids want to bring a jacket if you're going for a jog this morning. be prepared for chilly october weather the next few hours and forecast couldn't look brighter, high temperatures up near 70 degrees and we'll be looking at the good conditions for the next day nalor so. seventy this afternoo
have dan from dominion to help us look at the timeline for restoration. are you there this morning? >> good morning. tell us when do you think you might be able to get back out there and start taking a look at what you need to restore? >> our guys are chomping at the bit and as soon as it's daylight, they want to out there and get to work. >> do you have any idea, you're focusing mainly on northern virginia. where do you see the most outages that you might be able to repair and get the most amount of people back on? >> well, while we will certainly bear the brunt of the storm and it wasn't as bad as everybody anticipated, we still have 120,000 customers out here so we'll follow our normal practice and do assessment today. we will restore critical infrastructure. and while we're doing that, we expect we'll get a good junk of these customers back on today too. no idea yet at this point as to when we'll have everybody back on. >> i know you probably haven't been out because it's still dark. any idea of any potential problems or issues you may run into when doing this, just like you do
. that tells us the storm is intensifying. still a pretty strong storm. bahamas are next and we have to watchhis as we get into the end of the weekend and early next week as it may be a player in our forecast. i'll have more details in just a minute. >> thank you, tucker. >> i'm not done with the weather yet. >> oh. >> we're just getting started. i don't know if you knew this or not but i'm taking over this whole hour. we have a back door cold front coming through. there it is. that will be the change in our forecast. today will be in the 70s. still a nice mild day for us and should be a dry thursday for you with highs in the mid- 70s. enjoy today because the temperatures take the downward slide over the next couple of days. 62 now in washington. nice mild start to your day. might be a the fog in one or two spots. otherwise, enjoy another pleasant affect. mid-70s here in town. a little cooler closer to the bay. 69 in leonardtown. 79 in fredericksburg. nice day us for. >> are you finished? now you're done. >> so get it in while you can is what air saying. >> yes. >> let's check in wi
designed the flag, and she thought it was a great symbol of branding, which cattle ranchers all used to keep track of their animals, but, also, the bison was known as the monarch of the plains, and she thought that was a great symbol for her state. >> name "wyoming" comes from a native american word for "great plain." today it would be considered politically incorrect, but the flag's designer paid tribute to those once called "red men" with the red border. she said the red also signifies the blood of the pioneers who fought to claim the land. we can easily understand why a cowboy and a miner are pictured in the center. but what are those tiny words in the banner? >> the phrase on the wyoming state flag is "equal rights," and this speaks to wyoming's history as a place that was very friendly to women. it was the first territory to give women the right to hold public office and the right to vote way back in 1869. in order to attain statehood, it's necessary to have 60,000 citizens, so the leaders of the territory knew this would help to get people to come live there. and before you kno
with us tonight, i'm lindsey murphy. coming up, rg3, are you in or are you out? plus, the terps take no mercy on a squad, but first, to the talk of the town. it was either the biggest collapse or the greatest comeback, depending on how you look at it. last night, nats players waited to jump on the field and celebrate their championship. it didn't work out that way. instead, st. louis charged how they celebrated on the infield at nats park. let's see how it all went down last night. the nats made an appearance early. bottom of the 1st, already 1-0. ryan zimmerman takes adam wainwright to deep right center. give the nats a 3-0 lead. bottom of the 3rd, a first inning triple with his first post season home run. that one is a no doubter and the nats were cruising. it was 4-0. later in the inning, michael moore says hey, i'm going to join the party. the nationals built a 6-0 lead after only three innings of play. so bottom of the 8th. that lead is now 6-5. kirk is up, two outs and he would provide some clutch insurance. adam laroche scores and the nationals are feeling good. leading 7-5, h
now. right now. >>> happy wednesday, october 17th. hump day, live look outside right now at the u.s. capitol dome. tucker guaranteed there would be no rain yesterday and he was 100% right. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's see if he can guarantee it again today. >> going for two in a row. going to be dry today. today will be even nicer and warmer than yesterday. >> all right. by afternoon, we'll be near 70. there is a live look at the satellite picture. we've got a few clouds streaming through but no rainfall associated with it. and it should quickly push off to the east and to the north. i think we'll be generally dealing with sunshine today just like yesterday and with a bit of a suggested early breeze today. a little bit warmer conditions later today than what we had around here yesterday. it is cool right now. cold in spots. right now, at reagan national, it is 49 degrees. 49 at reagan national as we switch maps. 49degrees. 39 out at dulles. bw incident marshall, 43 degrees. definitely a jacket here for the first part of the day. by this aftern
, but the audience in debate is supposed to be unpartisan undecided voters. what can you tell us about this group? >> they figured out because the undecideds are very minimal, but the group that fits in in terms of a generic classification and listen to me is unmarried, white, noncollege educated women. that's the target group both candidates are going. >>> i want to touch on libya making national med lines, romney campaign hammering on this -- headlines, romney campaign hammering on this. why are they staying on this and not the economy? >> now they think there's another vulnerability and that's the stewardship of foreign policy where before they didn't think they could bring it up, but they think these in consistencies and contradictions open it up for them. >> we'll see you next week for more insight. >> thank you. >>> we're looking ahead to the workweek and what mother nature has in store for us. let's turn things over to fox 5's gwen tolbart for the latest. >> talk about a fantastic day and oh, my goodness, warm, sunshine, a little windy, however, but other than that we had a spectacular fal
and twitter. the documents challenge initial statements made by u.s. officials five days after the attack. the obama administration announced they believed the assault was a spontaneous reaction to an aspect islam film on you tube. and -- on youtube and they're demanding a clear answer. >> you have four americans dead and you have an ambassador, an important person in any administration dead, and you don't have the president out there getting briefed on a regular basis? >> the white house said a few hours after the group claimed responsibility for the attack, he denied it. the state department appointed a review board and will examine consulate security, investigate the suspected attackers and review the administration's response. >>> to a story you saw first on fox 5. a conduct of some members of montgomery county police department under riew tonight and authorities have opened an enchoiry after an officer, who was caught by amateur video at an apartment complex. john henrehan is working the story and joins us tonight. john? >> reporter: the amateur video shots from an apartment window y
to have you with us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm brian bolter. a record crowd of just over 45,000, part of history today at nats park. unfortunately the nationals will now be history if they don't win tomorrow. sports director scott smith here now with what went wrong today. >> the nats in the last two games look a lot different from nats of the regular season outscored today in the game, nats fans waving the red towels, top of the 1st no score edwin jackson facing alan craig. with a runner on, two hits, base hit down the line in left field corner, matt holliday including around, a 1-0 cards lead. into the top of the 2nd now edwin jackson in a jam, two on, no outs, pete kozma at the dish turns on the inside pitch, a three-run home run to left field, jackson done after five innings giving up eight hits, four runs. to the bottom of the 5th nats trailing 4 -0. michael morse, bases loaded, two outs. he can tie it with one big swing. instead he flies out to the right and ending nats fall 8-0 and trail in the series two games to one. the heart of the lineup is not coming through with timely h
th, 2012. live look outside right now at the u.s. capitol dome in washington, d.c. >> it feels warm for the start of the day. it was so cool, like in the 40s or others. >> early sunday morning, it was chilly to me but then it got better throughout the day. it got better. >> you hear tucker over here, what? >> it was chilly sunday morning. >> saturday was cool. day was c >> yesterday turned into a great day. today, a day of transitions. that means rain showers. >> is that the code for rain showers. >> that is my nice way of spinning that on a monday morning t won't rain all day today. the threat of rain showers by late morning. -- it won't rain all day today. you can see it is a thin ribbon of rain showers stretching just east of pittsburgh down through west virginia. the cold front will be moving in later this morning. we've seen the clouds up crease overnight and a better and better chance we'll get some scattered showers around here. maybe a thunderstorm too if you are south and east of the city later this afternoon as the showers move through. bring an umbrella. not going to be r
6th. >>> fox 5 is holding a debate with the three candidates running for the u.s. senate for maryland. it's scheduled for a week from tomorrow on october 31st from 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning. if you have a question you'd like us to ask them send them to senate debate at >>> and just a reminder for you. if you live in the district, early voting is underway. voters can cast their ballots at one judiciary square between 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and each ward will offer early voting starting saturday. early voting will then end on november 3rd. if you can't vote early or on election day you can still apply for an absentee ballot. that deadline is next tuesday. >>> and if you live in maryland you can start voting early on saturday. the voting centers will be open 10:00 to 8:00 each day except sunday. on sunday the hours are noon to 6:00. early voting in maryland runs through november 1st. virginia doesn't have early voting but if you are unable to vote on election day you can cast an absentee ballot by mail or in person. >>> and a programming note. we have a new sho
to the south during the overnight hours. that's not good news for us as this storm is going to be, certainly one for the recordbooks here as we get into the next couple days. here's your latest 85-mile an hour winds. north, northwest at 20, pressure way down, that is one impressive storm. there's your track path. notice it's a little further south than last night, looks like it comes in right across southern portions of new jersey and some of the computer models projected it could be in north central maryland some time tonight. that would not be good for us. that increases the chances for hurricane-forced wind gusts across the northern tier of our viewing area as we get into the overnight hours tonight. that's when the worst will appear later this afternoon and particularly during the nighttime hours tonight. 26 your most recent wind gusts here in washington, 18 in leonard county. winds will be picking up, and it'll be worse later this evening. forecast, 54 today, chilly throughout, winds gusting to 70 miles per hour, yes, 70 miles per hour later this evening. as the storm makes land fall. r
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